Knock Knock

As a designer at Knock Knock I designed multi-page printed pieces using InDesign to create an array of different products that required strong type skills, layout design, and an eye for detail. I also created style guides for their signature products to increase efficiency when designing new products within the series. Lastly, I developed innovative design proposals for different products in a timely manner.

Role: Print & Production Designer
Los Angeles, CA


Product Design / Graphic Design

Sticky Notes

This is a new product line of 6 sticky notes that I designed to refresh Knock Knock's Classic Sticky Note product. During the design process I created presentations of the design and put together a manufacturing estimate request for the product. After the project was completed, I created a style guide for future sticky notes to be made with more phrases.

On a rainbow colored background the Die cut sticky notes are placed on top of each other.

Book design / art sourcing

Compendium of Lines for All Occasions

This is a new book that is based on their bestselling series, of lines featuring insults, excuses, rejections, mind games, put-downs, and cop-outs. This is a redesign/refresh of the series. For the illustrations, I sourced Dover art that is a slightly different era from the original illustrations. When putting together the estimate for the manufacturer we thought a way to make this book more elevated is by adding thumb notches so that it would be easy for the user to navigate between each chapter.


Product Design / Graphic Design

ABCs Alphabet Cards

This a new product that was inspired by the African American ABC Flashcards. I designed the packaging and each card using a vintage inspired palette and photos from the 50s & 60s. The two decks that I designed was the Feminist ABCs and Escapist ABCs.


Book design / art Directing

What Not to Say Series

After the success of the original What Not to Say book, it was decided to expand the book into a series with different themes such as love. For the new extensions of the book we wanted to refresh the design by adding color, different graphic elements, and new illustrations. I art directed the illustrations with outside illustrator and redesigned the book.


Journal Design / Typography

This Journal Series

This Journal is a series of journals that has different uses and themes. My goal was to design two journals that didn't follow the original design completely yet keeping it cohesive as a series. By using the original journal as a base design for the new additions to the series, I was able to refresh the interior and cover for each journal to make it its own product.


Book design

Pocket Translator Series

This is a new book series translates a phrase in 103 languages. The phrases are "I Love You" and "Fuck You". When designing this book I had to selectively chose a font that supports characters in 103 languages and design maps in the interior spreads that show where the language is spoken.